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1/4 Oz Gold Bar

Looking for an 14 oz Gold bar? Don't search more than argor-heraeus, we are the best supplier of Gold bars in the world. This 16" Bar is high quality and gives a rusty finish that always a pleasure to sight, plus, it's Bar code and price information make it facile to find.

1/4 Of 4 Oz

The 14 oz, Gold Bar credit suisse 999. 9 pendant 14 k frame is a fantastic gift for the 14 oz, Gold Bar customer in your life. This pendant grants an 14 k frame and is 14 oz, Gold Bar silver content. It is produced of 14 oz, Gold Bar silver coated metal and imparts an 14 k frame. The necklace grants an 14 k frame and is 14 oz, the 1 4 oz Gold rounds are made of 999. 9 Gold and are round shapes, they are made of metal and have a brown or black color. These Gold rounds are large in size and can fit easily in a pocket, they have a white or black center field. The Gold grants a long history of being valuable and is back in stock at an impressive price, this is an 6 Bar Gold bar, meaning it is total 6. 25 oz of gold, this Bar is manufactured of Gold and is total 6 g hence the total amount of Gold in this bar. This Bar is puissant for the more attentive person or the person who wants to improve their home-cooked sensational district, the new johnson Gold bars are 4 oz. Sheet of 999 gold, these bars were created as part of the johnson Gold series. The bars are sealed with a new, special coating on the outside that makes them difficult to remove.