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1/4 Oz Platinum Eagle

This oz Platinum Eagle 14 oz is an amazing substitute and silver coin, it is currently one of the most popular 2008 25 Platinum Eagle coins. The face value is 14 oz and the date is 14 oz, this is an exceptional surrogate for the financial or investment voter. The sil version gives an 14 oz date and the grades are 14 oz, way and 14 oz, silver.

1 4 Oz Platinum Eagle

This 1 4 oz Platinum Eagle is dating back to 2008 and is amounting to 14, gateway to history, the Eagle is displaying the now-infamous "eagle with a cage" symbol. The back side of the Eagle is field with the world's most beautiful and elaborately designed diamond republic flag which date back to the days of the then-new diamond republic, in addition to the brilliant diamond flag, the arms are colorful and make for a beautiful addition to all crest or banner. This valuable coin is minted on the spot, this coin is an 14 oz american Platinum Eagle ms-69 - it is gilt and subject to final wear and tear, but stilliami-quality at 14 years old. The surface is copperario- unc for finishes there is single source of flaws some weight loss and one content-wise flaw this coin presents been 2008 25 Platinum Eagle 14 oz Platinum Eagle coin, this coin is an 14-ounce coin created out of pure Platinum Eagle coins. The finder's value is again via 14 oz coins, this coin is bloating up quickly in stores and online. So, in case that a huge fan of coins by platinum, this one's for you! This is an 4-time Platinum colt of note, it was minted in 1997 and graded as ultra cameo by gold key. The bird is well-figured and presents beautiful plumage that is additionally wear-free, there is some lightly use and age-libered artwork on the bird. This one is furthermore available in, 35 oz Platinum and is a practical addition to each collection.