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4 Oz Blue Glass Spray Bottle

This 4 oz Blue Glass Spray Bottle is a fine mist sprayer that will turn your space into your best place to be when it comes to Spray Bottle use, this Bottle is fabricated of cobalt Blue Glass and gives an 12-pack of its own inside. It is an excellent way for any purchase.

4 Oz Blue Glass Spray Bottles

The Blue Spray bottles come in 24 pack forms which includes a set, a Blue set, and a brown set, the set includes a Blue set and a brown set. The set includes a set of bottles and a funnel brush, this Blue Glass Spray Bottle features a sleek design with black sprayers on the top and sides. It comes with a white Spray nozzle and a black ink bottle, the Bottle extends dimensions of 4. 5"w x 3, 5"h x 5. 0"d and is produced of plastic, it is free and environmentally friendly. This Bottle is uncomplicated to clean with a black ink Bottle and white Spray nozzle, the 4 oz Blue Glass Spray Bottle comes with a Spray nozzle and is designed to hidden valley glass. This Bottle is a top-grade surrogate for use on trees, rocks and other fragile items, the Spray nozzle can be easily controlled and can be used for a large area. The Bottle also includes a black sprayer, this Bottle is top-quality for use on trees, rocks and other delicate items. This 4 oz Blue Glass Spray Bottle comes complete with an 12 new 4 oz, cobalt Blue boston round Glass Spray bottle. This Spray Bottle is white fine mist sprayer that is 12 new in stock, it comes with a Spray Bottle and instructions.