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4 Oz Bottle

4 oz amber glass Bottle w glass dropper is an outstanding surrogate to fill your glass half-way setting, this dropper presents four dropper posts and a handle for facile placement on your stove or oven.

4 Oz Bottles

The 4 oz bottles of essential oil bottles are all natural uncut 50 essential oil bottles, they come with a glass dropper and all-natural flavor. These bottles are exceptional alternative for any essential oil needs, the lotus brands blue glass Bottle with spray is outstanding for spray bottleisin' all your favorite lotus drinks! The Bottle renders a bright blue color and is fabricated of durable glass. This Bottle is an enticing surrogate for any drinking activity! These 4 oz glass bottles have an amber color and are covered with a cone-saling cap, they come in multi-packs of 12 and have free shipping. This package includes four clear glass Bottle top droppers, these droppers are multi-packs and come with a free shipping label. The droppers are straightforward to find and add to your beverage collection.