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Slime Containers 4 Oz

Looking for a substitute to add fun and excitement to your store? Don't search more than the Slime containers! These 4 oz Containers are filled with 24 round samples of flavors! If you're searching for a fun and exciting store for your customers, don't search more than the Slime containers, they're a top-rated surrogate to add excitement to your store and customer turnout.

Slime Containers 4 Oz Ebay

The Slime container 4 oz is a fun and practical alternative to keep your space neat and clean, with a four-pack of clear Slime foam balls, you can store whatever you need for a small bit of spacey heaven. The ball can be stored in the overhead of your lifestyle, or simply placed on your work surface if you need to be all neat and tidy, this Slime container set is outstanding for 40 kids who covet to be creative! The lids keep the Containers shiny and clean, and the Slime is facile to carve. The 40 pack 4 oz big size clear Slime foam ball big storage Containers with lids is fantastic for keeping all your balls safe and secure, with their straightforward to follow husk-n-slime guide, you'll be able to find and store your balls just as you want them. Whether you're playing in a game or tournament, these Containers will keep your balls safe and sound, these 4 oz. Slime Containers are splendid for your 20 pack Slime containers, the clear Slime Containers provide a little safety and keep your stocks from becoming dirty. The plastic jars with lids make it uncomplicated to leave them at the bottom of your tank.